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Beware of Person-to-Person Scams

We are very close to launching Zelle® so members can easily transfer money to friends and family. Members will soon see this tile when they log into online banking.

As a reminder, please be on high alert as we’ve received notifications on recent fraud attempts involving texts that appear to be from SIU Credit Union.

phishing scam text

Above: Example of a Fraudulent Text Message

Fraudsters will do everything they can to appear as if they are an actual representative from the credit union, even using the same phone number. Please remember that we will never contact you to verify your account credentials or ask for two-factor authentication codes. 

Do not give out personal data or security codes without directly contacting us first.

Call 800.449.7301, or send a secure message through online banking, to verify any updates or issues with your account.

The most recent scam involves a text, appearing to be from SIUCU, that asks if you recently attempted a peer-to-peer payment.

  • The text will ask the member to reply N for no, and Y for yes.
  • When the member responds with N, another text is sent saying that someone from the Fraud Department will contact them shortly.
  • Next, a phone call is received from 878.777.9223.
  • The scammer will then try to send the member a code, which is the code for 2-factor authentication, allowing them access to the member’s account.

If you have already experienced this or do in the future, do not reply and contact us immediately.


  • Cathy Layne -

    I am sure this happened to me yesterday. I am locked out of my account. Anything I can do!!

    • SIU Credit Union -


      Please call us 618-457-3595 for further assistance and verify your identity over-the-phone.

      Thank you.

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