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Visa® Credit Cards

​A better way to pay

​Enjoy credit cards with extra perks, like rewards and auto renter's insurance.

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  • ​​No annual fees or balance transfer fees
  • All cards are now contactless for safety and security
  • EMV chip and purchase alerts for enhanced security
  • Free cash advances, and a 25 day grace period on payments
  • Zero liability for lost or stolen cards*

​Three cards, unlimited possibilities

Visa® Platinum: If your credit is good and you tend to carry a balance, consider this card. It comes with an introductory rate of just 5.9% APY* (after 6-months, the rate is as low as 9.9%).

Visa® Platinum Plus: This card lets you earn points every time you spend, points you can redeem for travel, gift cards, and more. It also comes with a special introductory rate of just 5.9% APY* (after 6-months, the rate is as low as 10.9%).

Share Secured Visa®: This card perfect for those looking to establish or rebuild credit. Your credit limit is determined by the funds in your savings account, and you can be eligible with as little as $300 in collateral.

Balance Transfers

Transfer balances to your SIU Credit Union Visa® from:

  • Major credit cards or Specialty cards (department stores, fuel cards, etc.)
  • Small loans (school loans, auto loans, home improvement loans)
  • Household utility accounts with a balance (electric, gas, phone, medical)

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  • *Annual Percentage Rate is determined by an evaluation of the applicant’s credit history. Offer subject to credit approval. Your actual rate may vary. Introductory 5.9% APR on purchases and 7.9% APR on balance transfers and cash advances expires on your 7th statement cycle. After the promotional period ends, the standard variable APR for purchases will be applied to all remaining balance transfer amounts. Computing Balances for Purchases: Method of computing balance is based on your average daily balance.