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Business Custom Market

​A supercharged checking account

​Earn better interest for your business

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  • ​​$2,500 minimum to open and avoid service charges
  • Interest is compounded and paid monthly on the daily balance
  • 40 free checks
  • Three free checks or withdrawals per month

​Maximize your money

​Similar to a Money Market Account, this special business account helps you earn a higher rate while still letting you withdraw money when you need it. If you maintain a high balance in your checking account, but still want to write checks and make withdrawals, this is the option for you. You can make three withdrawals (or write three free checks) each month.


as low as $5

​Minimal fees

​Many Money Market style accounts charge hefty fees. We charge just $5 for extra checks, and only $10 if you don’t meet your minimum balance.

Business accounts with more

​​All of our business accounts come with:

  • Free Online Bill Pay
  • Free Online Banking
  • Free JOY Phone Banking
  • Account Analysis & Sweep Accounts

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