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Lost/Stolen Credit Cards

​Report a Lost or Stolen Card

If your card needs activated, has been lost/stolen, or needs a new PIN setup, call 800-446-2780.

​If you have lost your SIU Credit Union ATM, Debit, or Credit Card, please contact one of our representatives immediately.

Standard Number: 618-457-3595

Toll Free: 800-449-7301

After Hours:
Visa® Debit Card: 800-446-2780
Visa® Credit Card: 727-570-4881

You can also login to online banking to send a secure message.

If outside of the country click here.

Do you need dispute a SIU Credit Union Credit, Debit or ATM Card transaction? Download the appropriate form below.
Fraud Investigation Form – Visa® Credit Card
Fraud Investigation Form – Visa® Debit Card
Merchant Dispute Form – Visa® Credit Card
Merchant Dispute Form – Visa® Debit Card