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In-Branch Services

  • What can we do for you today?

    We offer a number of in-branch services to our members for their convenience. ​If you have any questions about these services, please feel free to reach out.

    • SIU Credit Union offers you a safe way to store your valuable items with Safe Deposit Boxes. Safe Deposit Boxes are available at our Carbondale East branch at 395. N Giant City Road  and our Marion Branch. They are available in four sizes, with prices for annual rental:

      • 3″ x 5” for $15.00
      • 3″ x 10” for $20.00
      • 5″ x 10” for $30.00
      • 10″ x 10” for $50.00

      Boxes are completely secure; only you have access to your Safe Deposit Box. Safe Deposit Boxes are limited, so please call one of our locations for availability.

    • SIU Credit Union sells money orders and cashier’s checks. Money orders can be purchased for amounts up to $1500.00. Cashier’s checks can be purchased for amounts of $1500.01 and up. Both money orders and cashier’s checks can be replaced if lost or stolen. The fee for money orders and cashier’s checks is waived if you have a Basic, Emeritus, or Premier NOW checking account.

    • A “Signature Guarantee” is required by all transfer agents before you can sell or transfer securities that are registered in your name. The Security Transfer Agents Medallion Program (STAMP) is the official, financial- industry- supported signature guarantee program. Through this program, you will have complete assurance that your signature will be immediately accepted for processing by transfer agents.

    • We are able to offer Domestic and International Wire Transfers again. Call or stop by a branch for more information.

      • For other “Special Services” you may need but do not find listed here, stop by a branch for more information, or give us a call.
    • SIU Credit Union no longer sells US Savings Bonds to its members. For information about purchasing, values of your savings bonds and other questions please visit

    • SIU Credit Union will allow members to purchase and return foreign currency at all branch locations. Please note, our foreign currency refund procedure is not a same day exchange. Call or stop by a branch for further information.

    • SIU Credit Union can order an official check to be drafted on an international financial institution for use as fully-negotiable, foreign currency when traveling or sending currency abroad.

    • SIU Credit Union offers you free notary services at any of our branch locations.