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Fast Cash Loans

A Financial Rescue When You Need It

Stay Out of High-Interest Predatory Lending Options

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​What is a Fast Cash loan?

Sometimes mistakes happen. Disaster can strike. Whatever your reason, Fast Cash Loans are there for when you need the cash – so you can use it nearly within minutes – without the added stress.

Quick-to-set-up loans can help you cover unexpected costs like car repairs, emergency vet visits, quick home repairs and more. With Fast Cash, you’ll have flexibility you need – at significantly lower rates.

Why would I need one?

Life Happens

Sometimes You Need a Backup Plan

  • Available 24/7
  • No Credit Checks
  • Build / Repair Credit
  • Less Stress
Details and Qualifications

Applying is simple! 

  • Only a few clicks & approval in minutes.
  • Your relationship status with SIUCU determines qualification and loan amount.
  • Once approval is given, funds are deposited within minutes.
  • Forgetful? Automatic Payments immediately set up upon funding for peace of mind.

​Easy online applications

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  • *Membership required. All loans subject to credit approval.

    Eligibility & Application: Must be an active SIUCU Member.
    SIUCU Fast Cash is a loan option available to members with an active membership for at least the past 6 calendar months.
    Only members with an active Checking or Savings account are eligible to apply.
    $20 application fee is non-refundable. The fee is assessed at time of application and charged to the member’s SIU Credit Union Checking or Savings account regardless of whether the loan is approved, denied, or declined by the applicant.

    To apply, members must access SIU Credit Union Online Banking or Mobile Banking. Members can only have one (1) SIUCU Fast Cash loan at a time and no more than three (3) SIUCU Fast Cash loans in any rolling six-month period. The rate for a SIUCU Fast Cash Loan is 18.00% APR for all approved borrowers. Stated rate is as of 6/1/2023 and subject to change. The SIUCU Fast Cash loan is subject to approval, which is determined by an assessment of the member’s relationship with the Credit Union
    Funding: If funding is approved, it will be automatically deposited into the member’s active Checking account. If the member does not have an active Checking account, funds will be deposited into the member’s active Savings account.
    Payments: Payments to the SIUCU Fast Cash loans are reported to the credit bureaus and may impact the member’s credit score. The due date selection and automatic monthly payment pre-authorizations occur at the time the loan is booked. Depending on the due date selected, the first payment date may be less than or more than 30 days from funding. The automatic payments will be debited from the same account the loan proceeds were deposited into. The entire payment amount must be available in the account for the payment to process. If the loan payment is not made within the grace period (6 days), a late payment fee may be assessed.