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Money Market Accounts

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Get a higher rate while still having access to your funds

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  • More funds: interest compounded and paid monthly on your average daily balance
  • More freedom: 3 free checks or withdrawals per month
  • Less fees: no monthly service fee if you maintain the minimum balance

​Free withdrawals every month

Interested in earning more interest? Still want access to your money? This is the account for you. You can open the account with $2500, and if you maintain that balance, you’ll never have to worry about monthly fees. For added freedom, you can also write up to 3 free checks or make 3 free withdrawals per month. Each additional withdrawal is just $5. If you have a little extra money tucked away, but you’re not ready to invest it yet, then this is the perfect solution.


​Earn up to 1.05% interest

Interest rates on our Money Market accounts are tiered. The more you save, the more you’ll earn.

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Use this calculator to estimate your savings growth over time.

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