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Term Share Certificate

​Guaranteed returns

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  • ​​Various tiers and rates so you can pick what’s right for you
  • Only a minimum of $500.00 is needed to open an account
  • Competitive rates and a guaranteed return on your investment
  • Select your own maturity date
  • 10-day grace period on all renewing certificates

​How it all works

​A Term Share Certificate is one of the many great account options we offer. In this account type, you agree to set aside your money for a specific amount of time in exchange for a higher interest rate. Unlike many investment options, you’ll get a guaranteed rate of return. All you need is $500 to get started, but you can also choose to deposit much higher amounts. Plus, you’ll have plenty of flexibility when it comes to choosing a maturity date (when you can withdraw from your account again) and making renewal decisions.

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Good things come to those who wait

By choosing a longer maturity date, you can secure a higher rate. The minimum balance to earn dividends is $500.

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Use this calculator to estimate your savings growth over time.

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