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Youth Savings

​Start saving young

Give your child a head start with one of our custom savings accounts.

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  • Just $5.00 to open any youth savings account
  • Dividends paid monthly
  • One free withdrawal per month (each additional $5.00)

​The right savings accounts for any age

We offer savings accounts for literally any age, because we believe you are never too young to practice good financial habits. For children ages 12 and under, we have our Bailey Bobcat Club, a no-frills account that still earns interest and promotes good spending habits. Teens (ages 13-17) are eligible for our Jr. Executives Club, while those 18-24 can join Smart Young Investors. These last two savings accounts can also be opened alongside checking accounts, and offer special benefits like a first auto loan discount and higher interest rates.

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​Special savings rates for teen and college accounts.

Teens and college-age kids can earn a special savings rate on their balances, up to .95% for Jr. Executives and 1.19% for Smart Young Investors.

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Calculate your savings

Use this calculator to estimate your savings growth over time.

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  • *Additional fee may apply if no activity for 12 months.