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What is MemberPass?

What is MemberPass and how can it benefit me?

MemberPass is a new form of account authentication all done through your digital device. This authentication uses “biometrics”—individual features including fingerprint or facial recognition to confirm your identity. The combination of these enhancements result in authentication that is very efficient and highly secure to use. Benefits include:

  • Offers full control of your personal information, on your own device, with each interaction.
  • Removes the need for using or others handling your physical identification.
  • Provides a single verification method for your interactions with our Branch and Contact Center teams.

How does MemberPass work?

  • MemberPass is established through a digital identity wallet app.
  • After you are connected to the app, you can receive the MemberPass credential.
  • The digital wallet stores your MemberPass credentials; there is no information stored with SIU Credit Union.

Is a digital device required to use MemberPass?

  • Yes; your digital device needs to provide access through biometrics (facial or fingerprint recognition).
  • The MemberPass app is also secured with biometric access; MemberPass stays secure if your phone is lost or stolen.

Is my information secure if I lose my digital device?

Your personal information in MemberPass remains encrypted within the MemberPass app; your individual biometric identifications are secure protection.

Does SIU Credit Union use an outside company to offer MemberPass?

MemberPass is provided from a credit union service organization called “CULedger,” on behalf of SIU Credit Union. This technology is built upon globally accepted standards designed to protect consumer privacy in all digital exchanges.

Can MemberPass be removed for my account authentication at any time?

Yes. Simply contact SIU Credit Union and a representative will assist you.

How do I enroll in MemberPass?

While our lobbies are closed, the quickest and easiest methods are to:

  1. Download the MemberPass app to your device prior to contacting us.
    Here are your links for iPhone and Android users.
  2. Call our Contact Center at 618-457-3595 during business hours.
  3. A representative from SIU CU will send a text message to the phone number on file. The link inside this text will open the app on your phone and prompt you to connect with us.
  4. After connecting, you are now enrolled!

For more information, visit our MemberPass page.

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