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Verify Your ID Securely with MemberPass

Protect Yourself from Fraud and ID Theft in Financial Interactions

  • MemberPass protects both you and SIU Credit Union from identity theft and fraud in all financial interactions – from call center authentication, to lending, to branch visits, and more.
  • You will be in full control of your personal information on your smart device, safeguarding it from being hacked or otherwise compromised.
  • MemberPass ultimately will seamlessly authenticate both you and your credit union through one verification method, which provides you an easy-to-use experience to help you safely manage your finances.

Stay Safe and Save Time

MemberPass is a new form of account authentication all done through your digital device. This authentication uses “biometrics”—individual features including fingerprint or facial recognition to confirm your identity. The combination of these enhancements result in authentication that is very efficient and highly secure to use.

Benefits include:

  • Offering full control of your personal information, on your own device, with each interaction.
  • Removing the need for using or others handling your physical identification.
  • Providing a single verification method for your interactions with our Branch and Contact Center teams.

How Does it Work?

The MemberPass has been improved! MemberPass no longer needs an app to function, and it is available as a simple and secure replacement for identity verification questions, like your member number, birthday and social security number, making your experience convenient and stress-free.

Your MemberPass is directly connected through a text message to your mobile device and verified using biometrics (Face ID or Fingerprint authentication).

The new steamlined verifcation method will make your credit union experience smoother, more secure, and headache-free!

What is Two-Way Security?

With the endless tactics fraudsters use, what if there was a way for you to verify whether to trust the person who calls? With MemberPass, you can. When you authenticate through MemberPass, you’ll know it’s SIU Credit Union, and we’ll know it’s you.


Have Questions? Check out our answers to frequently asked questions. Then, if you still have questions, let’s connect you with one of our enrollment specialists.

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