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Wind Energy Facts

  • The U.S. wind energy industry installed a record 8,358 mw of new generating capacity in 2008, enough to serve more than 2 million homes.
  • 2008 growth increased the nation’s total wind generating capacity by 50 percent.
  • New wind projects in 2008 accounted for 42 percent of new power-producing capacity added nationally.
  • United States wind generating capacity is 25,170 mw, enough to power 7 million homes.
  • For every megawatt of wind energy produced, $1 million in economic development is generated.
  • Texas leads the states in generating capacity with 7,116 mw, followed by Iowa, California, Minnesota and Washington.
  • About 85,000 people are employed in the wind industry.
  • About 50 percent of turbine components are manufactured domestically.

Source: American Wind Energy Association, 2009

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