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SIU Credit Union Introduces New AVP of Operations

Carbondale, IL., July 8, 2024 – SIU Credit Union is pleased to announce the promotion of Cassie Wright, current Branch Manager of the Metropolis branch, to the position of Assistant Vice President of Operations. Cassie has been an integral part of SIU Credit Union since November 2008, when the credit union she worked for merged with SIUCU. Over the years, she has been dedicated to serving the financial needs of our members and has spearheaded numerous outreach activities.

Cassie’s promotion is a testament to her exceptional leadership skills and her unwavering commitment to the credit union’s mission. In her new role as Assistant Vice President of Operations, Cassie will relocate from the Metropolis branch to the new Corporate Office located in Carbondale, where she will leverage her extensive experience in credit union processes and procedures to enhance operational efficiency, coaching frontline staff and member satisfaction.

“Cassie’s extensive experience and dedication to our members make her an ideal fit for this leadership position,” said Erica Pankey, VP of Operations at SIU Credit Union. “Her proven track record of success and her ability to connect with members on a personal level will undoubtedly benefit our daily operations and contribute to our continued growth and success.”

Cassie herself expressed enthusiasm for the new role, stating, “I am excited about new challenges and seeing a different side of the Credit Union than I’m used to. I have been serving members for a very long time and I am excited to change course and use my skills in other areas. It will be a big adjustment since I have been in the same branch for so long and I will miss my members greatly, but I am thankful for the opportunity to serve in another capacity.”

Cassie also shared her top advice for credit union members: “Know the importance of payment protection to cover your loans. I cannot count the number of times that members have had to use this protection, and it helped get them through some very tough times.”

SIU Credit Union is confident that Cassie’s expertise and passion for member service will bring significant benefits to the operations team and enhance the overall member experience.

About SIU Credit Union
SIU Credit Union is a member-owned financial institution that provides a full range of financial services, including savings and checking accounts, loans, and investment services. Since its founding in 1938, SIU Credit Union has 6 branches in the Southern Illinois area dedicated to serving the financial needs of its members and supporting the communities in which it operates.

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