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4C’s: Guiding Lights in Times of Need

4C’s: Guiding Lights in Times of Need
By Rajvee Subramanian

Life often throws unexpected twists, some pleasant and others challenging. Imagine being lost in a storm out in the deep dark ocean, uncertain of your path home. Now, envision a lighthouse piercing through the darkness, guiding you safely back. For individuals facing difficulties in our community, 4C’s stands as that beacon, providing support and comfort during challenging times. The lighthouse analogy is based on a real account involving one of 4C’s’ patrons, who embodies the concept of being a guiding light for those in distress.

4C’s – Christian Community Compassion Center, stands tall among other such organizations in our region, offering aid and support to those in Saline County. With a myriad of initiatives ranging from a food pantry resembling a grocery store to a thrift store providing essential household items, 4C’s has become a cornerstone of support for countless individuals and families.

Exploring the aisle for nourishment. A resident of Saline County using a shopping cart
experience at the 4C’s food pantry in Harrisburg. Photo: Rajvee Subramanian

From humble beginnings in the summer of 2007 aiding a few individuals and families, 4C’s has expanded its reach exponentially, now extending its helping hand to around 1700 individuals and 700 families monthly. This remarkable growth underscores the indispensable role this organization plays in addressing the needs of our community.
Larry Clore, the President of the Board of the Directors for the 4C’s highlights the core ethos of his organization, stating, “To help others is what we are here for, to share our resources with those in need.” This sentiment reflects the organization’s commitment to compassion and empathy, guiding every aspect of its work. At 4C’s, the fundamental belief in the importance of supporting others drives their daily actions and decisions, ensuring that those in need receive the assistance and care they deserve. Larry’s words serve as a reminder that compassion is not just a virtue but a daily practice at 4C’s.

Spreading kindness by sharing. 4C’s Volunteers help a shopper choose what they need.
Photo: Rajvee Subramanian

4C’s has grown to offer a multitude of initiatives aimed at assisting individuals and families facing adversity. At their food pantry, shelves stocked with essential groceries provide nourishment to those struggling to make ends meet. The thrift store offers more than just garments; it provides warmth, dignity, and a sense of belonging to those in need. And through their shelter, they provide comfort to the homeless and assist with people’s utilities through their ‘helping hands’ program, ensuring that no one in their community feels forgotten or abandoned.

Mona Crim, the Executive Director of 4C’s, highlights the challenges the organization faces due to the rising cost of food prices. Despite this, Mona emphasized the crucial role played by community donations in supporting 4C’s operations. She explains, “We get our food from Tri-State in Evansville, and our bill has increased significantly. What used to be around $200 to $250 per month for a family has now escalated to $800 to $900. However, we’re committed to providing a substantial benefit to those we serve.” As the cost of groceries continues to rise and the need for assistance grows among individuals and families, this program relies on support from other individuals and organizations such as SIU Credit Union and various other businesses within the community.

SIU Credit Union’s partnership with 4C’s has been nothing short of invaluable. Through financial contributions, volunteer efforts, and collaborative initiatives, SIU Credit Union has played a crucial role in ensuring the sustainability and expansion of several charities in and around Southern Illinois. Their support has enabled 4C’s to meet the growing demand for its services, providing essential resources to those facing adversity in the community.

Packaging hope one bag at a time. 4C’s volunteer and SIUCU staff help pack food bags.
Photo: Rajvee Subramanian
Mark Dynis, Vice President of Marketing at SIU credit union, said the importance of their financial contributions to 4C’s as part of their ongoing commitment to supporting community organizations. He explains, “Our contributions to 4C’s are a result of the dedicated efforts of our staff at SIUCU, particularly through initiatives like our ‘casual wear for a cause’ program. This year alone, we’ve been able to donate more than $2200 to 4C’s.”
At SIUCU, Mark stresses a belief in the power of giving back and supporting organizations like 4C’s. He said, “At SIUCU, we firmly believe in the power of giving and supporting organizations that make a difference in our community. We’re committed to continuing our support for 4C’s and other organizations that share our values and vision for a better future.”
As 4C’s continues to shine brightly, illuminating the lives of countless individuals and families facing adversity in Saline County, their story serves as an inspiration to us all. In a world often marked by darkness and uncertainty, they remind us that even in our darkest moments, there is always a beacon of hope waiting to guide us home.
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To learn more about the mission of the 4C’s or connect with them, visit or find them on Facebook.

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