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SIUCU Rewards Program Now Available

SIU Credit Union announces our new free rewards program for members is now available!

This simple, easy-to-use program is available to all checking account users who use their SIUCU debit card, and members can earn valuable points with every debit card transaction.

These points can be redeemed for cash back, gift cards, discounts at local retailers, and much more. How you use your points is up to you!


How to Register:



Enter Your Information.
Enter your name EXACTLY as it is on your card including any middle initial.
Enter your mailing zip code.
Enter your last SIX (6) of your SIU CU Debit Card Number.


Create Your Username.
Select your username and password to be in compliance with the security requirements. Be sure to use a secure password that doesn’t have any personal information included.

Choose Alert Notifications.
Select from the options what alerts you’d like to be notified of.

Read the Terms & Conditions.
By using this program, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of SIU CU Rewards.



Earn one point for every $4 spent.


Visit the rewards site today and discover your earning potential using the point’s calculator. Your everyday purchases have never been more rewarding.

Access to the SIUCU Rewards site to review or redeem your points by logging into:

If you were an existing Buzz Points user, all of your points have been converted to our new platform and any swipes made since April 1st have been added as well.

If you have any questions about registration or redemption, our dedicated support team is available at 866-293-5329.

Register today to take advantage of this exciting new opportunity to use your debit card to earn points and get rewarded!


  • Margaret Flanagan -

    When you say debit card transactions does this include transactions using the debit card as a charge?
    What is the difference between debit and charge using the debit card? They both debit a checking account immediately.

    • SIU Credit Union -

      Hi Margaret,

      Yes, you are correct. Every purchase made with your SIUCU Debit Card account will go toward accumulating points in SIUCU Rewards. The difference in how they run is how they are processed through the point-of-sale at a merchant.

      We prefer, if able, to have you run the card as a credit as a precaution. This helps protect you further in the case your card is compromised if a merchant has a data leak, they may have your PIN as well. It is much harder for Visa to prove that any fraudulent transaction wasn’t completed by you in that case because your PIN is personal to you.

  • Judy Capie -

    My debit card has a different account number than my husband’s. If we both sign up, will the points be accrued separately or will they be combined?

    • Posted by: SIUCU -

      Thank you for the inquiry. If you’re using two (or more) different cards that access the same checking account, your points will be combined into one account.

  • Connie Shanahan -

    Are you doing away with Buzz Points, then? Can we still close out those accounts?

    • Posted by: SIUCU -

      Buzz Points has been discontinued as of March 31st. Members existing Buzz Points balance, along with any additional debit card transactions done after April 1st have been included in everyone’s new SIUCU Rewards account balance.

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