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Local Family Wins Magical Vacation Getaway

Julie Hicks doesn’t leave anything to chance.

Julie was a bit skeptical after receiving a phone call from Mark Dynis, VP of Marketing at SIU Credit Union. Dynis was notifying her that she had just won an all-expenses paid trip to the Orlando, FL theme park of her choice. Despite his best efforts to assure her that she was indeed chosen as the winner in a nationwide sweepstakes, The Elkville native had to call SIU Credit Union back to verify that this was a legitimate call and not a scam. She didn’t even tell any family members that she had won until she was convinced it was for real.

Hicks kids on vacation at Disney World
Some of the Hicks kids striking a pose at the Magic Kingdom.

The “Magical Vacation Getaway” promotion was a national campaign ran through one of SIU Credit Union’s partners, Buzz Points. To be entered in the sweepstakes, all Julie had to do was enroll in Buzz Points and then use her debit card to make purchases. Every swipe in September counted as another entry, and Julie’s name was chosen as their winner. “I was very excited to hear one of our members had won the trip,” said Dynis, “and it was definitely fun to make that call.”

Julie knew she couldn’t take just some of her family, so she worked out a personal plan to bring kids and grandkids along on the trip. They chose to go just before Christmas and everyone had a great time, taking in both fun and sun throughout the week. Julie said they had a blast and the crew was “ready to pack up and move down!”

What are Buzz Points?

Buzz Points is a rewards program for SIU Credit Union members who have a checking account along with a debit card. Members can use their earned points to take advantage of rewards and discounts from local and national retailers, and even donate to charity. Buzz Points provides different promotions throughout the year with SIU Credit Union and members can win different prizes just by using their debit cards to make everyday purchases. To learn more about different promotions or to sign up for Buzz Points, go to

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