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New Regulations for Mobile Deposit

Make a check deposit from the palm of your hand–anytime, anywhere with SIU Credit Union Mobile Banking App. It’s free and easy!

New federal regulations require SIU Credit Union (SIUCU) members to add “For remote deposit with SIU Credit Union” above the signature on the back of checks deposited through a mobile device. If this information is not included, SIUCU can reject the transaction and your deposit would be delayed. This requirement has been put in place to prevent fraud.

For more information about setting up or using mobile deposit, see below:

Get Started

If you already have our mobile banking app downloaded, please make sure it’s updated. Updates are available through the App Store or Google Play.


Enroll for Mobile Deposit:

  • Login to mobile banking and click on Mobile Deposit Enrollment under the Services menu.
  • Read and accept the service terms and conditions.
  • Your registration request will be processed within one business day. A secure message will be sent to you via your online banking account once your registration is complete.

Using Mobile Deposit:

Using Mobile Deposit inside the SIU Credit Union Mobile Banking App is as easy as 1-2-3!  Just login to the app and select Deposit Check under the Transactions menu.

  1. Select the account you’d like to deposit to and enter the amount to be deposited.
  2. Capture Image of the Front and Back View of the check to be deposited. Make sure you’ve added “For remote deposit with SIU Credit Union” above your signature on the back.

    remote deposit instructions
    Before taking the picture of the back of your check, you’ll be prompted to add this information.

  3. Verify and hit Submit Deposit.

You’ll receive a Mobile Deposit  – eReceipt email once check has been successfully deposited. Funds will typically be deposited within 24 hours or next business day.

Download the App from the App Store or Google Play.

You may be charged for data access by your carrier. Check with your carrier for details on specific fees and charges. Some restrictions may apply. Please retain your scanned checks for 60 days before shredding. Membership required. Federally insured by NCUA.


  • Christine Watt -

    I have attempted to deposit a check twice today and the mobile deposit is stuck on “loading” after I submit the images.

    • Posted by: SIUCU -

      Christine: Thank you for reaching out. We haven’t heard of any issues with the app. You might try deleting and reloading the app, and if that doesn’t work, reach out to for more help.

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