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SIU Credit Union Launches New Website

SIU Credit Union is excited to launch a new website with enhanced features and increased functionality that reflects the changing needs of our membership.

Some of the highlighted features include:

Mobile Compliancy
Now more than ever, people demand access to information from their mobile devices. With mobile website traffic growing exponentially each year, will now be a fully functional site on your phone, tablet or desktop. This will allow our members to do everything they want…wherever they want.

Mobile website view on phone

Improved Navigation
Other than the overall new look and feel of the website, we’ve adapted our menus to reflect the needs of our members. Answer a few simple questions from the home page to get material tailored to your specific needs quickly. With intuitive and more direct menu options, you can get your business done quickly and efficiently.

Enhanced Search
Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Click the magnifying glass in the upper right of each page and enter a keyword for what you’re looking for and see our library of associated materials instantly. There’s also a “Frequently Asked Question” section at the bottom of most pages that will conveniently provide additional resources, if needed.

Blog Posts
SIU Credit Union takes pride in providing helpful topics for financial education and awareness, as well as new products and services available. Now, our extensive archive is available for you to become better prepared for your next big purchase, find out how to keep your information private, how to use certain mobile banking features, or whatever youmight need. Click the “About Us” menu option and visit our blog to become better informed.

SIU Credit Union is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date technology available for our membership, and our improved “Front Door” will help continue this mission. With more and more banking done at home or on the go, our new website is another example of how “We’re working for you.”


  • Frank Scobby -

    Is the new website operational for customers to sign on and use? For the past several days I have entered my ID and password and received the screen which states my accounts are being loaded. The progress bar reaches the end, but nothing on the screen is active. I cannot open any of the services offered.
    If I have to be inside the web pages to read a response, I may not be able to do so. Please leave a short text message to 618 218-0496 or an email when this has been resolved.
    Thank you.

    • Posted by: SIUCU -

      Frank: Yes, our new website is fully functional for members. We’ll reach out and gather more information to help you resolve your issue. Thanks for checking in!

  • Bonnie Bianco -

    I LOVE SIUC!!!
    Although, I personally didn’t see a need for change to the website, it’s okay by me. As long as SIUC continues to be the Banking Website and App out there.

    I tell anyone that will listen, “…move to SIUC, you won’t regret it”. I brag about the fact that not only do you have the most progressive, comprehensive and useful Website, but everything that can be done on the website can be done via the App. I can do absolutely everything on the go. I’ve waited years for a banking institution to be this convenient. And here you are!
    Keep up the great work.

  • kathy a brown -

    Having difficulty also with logging on the new website. Having same problem as Frank above.

    • Posted by: SIUCU -

      Thanks for reaching out Kathy. The site is working as it should, but we’ll be in contact to get more details and help you out.

  • robert wayne gass -

    Help! Opened our account on 8/13/2018 unable to enroll in paybill yet. Went to the Energy branch ,then two calls to call center.This site has some bugs they have not fixed.

    • SIU Credit Union -

      Thank for reaching out, Mr. Gass. We will forward your information on.

  • robert wayne gass -

    Help! Opened our account on 8/13/2018 have not been able to logon to billpay yet. Went to the Energy branch, then two calls to call center.

  • Marion Cathey -

    Having problems logging onto my account today. Can you please help me. Thank you.

    • Posted by: SIUCU -

      Marion: We just posted an Online Banking update this morning, and we’ve emailed you some steps to take for troubleshooting. Thanks for reaching out.

  • k brown -

    I used GOOGLE as my web browser and was able to log-in, EXPLORER did not work for me.

  • Marion Cathey -

    Thank you. I use GOOGLE as my browser also but was not able to log in today. But I did yesterday. I will try the troubleshooting steps and see what happens.

    • Posted by: SIUCU -

      We just have upgraded our online banking site, and some members have needed to delete and reinstall the mobile banking app form their App Store. Once the app is reinstalled, you’ll have to login, then “log out” on the left side panel, and then log back in again. You should only have to do this once, and this should make your missing accounts visible. Let us know if you are continuing to have any difficulties.
      Thank you!

  • Marion Cathey -

    I do not have a smartphone. I am using my desktop. Do you have instructions for the desktop?

    • Posted by: SIUCU -

      The desktop version is still experiencing issues, but is being corrected and we’ll update when it’s available.

  • Posted by: SIUCU -

    Online banking issues after the update have been resolved. If you have any problems, please reach out to our call center at or 618.457.3595. Thank you for your patience!

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