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NerdWallet: The World Of Finance, Explored

What kind of hurricane insurance do I need if I own a home in Miami?

A credit card is promising me a free hotel stay in Vegas – what’s the catch?

Does it ever make sense to apply for an online business loan?

Is my auto insurance provider really giving me the best rate available or am I being taken for a ride?

If you’ve got specific questions like these about your finances, check out NerdWallet.

The small startup that quickly blossomed into a company pulling in more than $100 million in annual revenue is focused on giving the public an inside look into the world of finance – with no strings attached. There are no credit card companies or big banks backing the website. NerdWallet isn’t sponsored by an insurance company or an investment house. It’s just a bunch of self-professed nerds researching and studying the latest in financial news, investing, credit card offers and more, just to offer the public a view on money from the inside out.

On NerdWallet, you’ll find unbiased comparisons between insurances, credit card offers, student loans, investment options and more.

As a company that’s barely reached adolescence, NerdWallet thrives on new age-style management. The several hundred employees enjoy a friendly, open office, a fully-stocked kitchen, quarterly hackathons, and an innovative “Fail Wall” where they share their personal and professional shortcomings on brightly-colored Post Its. The relaxed atmosphere and sense of teamwork fosters creativity and commitment to the company’s goals, which you’ll find filtered down in NerdWallet’s spot-on financial articles, analyses and advice.

NerdWallet is more than just write-ups on the latest financial news. It’s a virtual goldmine of everything related to money. On the site, you’ll find quotes for auto insurance searchable by ZIP code, feedback on some of the biggest names in investments and other helpful information. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on the site, you can also submit your question and await an answer from NerdWallet’s network of financial advisers.

The website is still growing, and its long-term goals include building a financial advice app, anticipating every question that is asked – and already having the answers – on NerdWallet, and broadening the scope of topics explored so nothing in the world of finance is overlooked.

As the company states: “We’re on a mission to provide clarity for all of life’s financial decisions.”
Got a specific money question? You might just find the answer on

If an online forum is not for you and you’re looking for live answers and personalized advice, call, click, or stop by SIU Credit Union today. We’re always here to help guide you!

Your Turn: Where do you go when you need specific money advice? Share your best tools with us in the comments!



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