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Community Involvement, Press Release

SIU Credit Union Helps Local Food Pantry

May 16, 2017 – Carbondale, IL – When the staff at SIU Credit Union learned about a food shortage at the VA Hospital Food Pantry on Friday, quick action was taken. An email went out to the staff on Saturday asking to gather food items to be delivered on Monday afternoon. Those employees that couldn’t shop before the deadline were given the option to donate money in exchange for the opportunity to dress casually all week.

Before 11:00 AM on Monday, staff had already donated over $300 and several staff members volunteered their lunch hour to shop for the requested foods, even purchasing different requested pet foods. By the 2:00 deadline for delivery, nearly $1000 in food and supplies were gathered by SIU Credit Union efforts.

“We can’t believe the response,” said JoAnn Shryock, who led the social media charge from the Behavioral Services Department.  She added, “We put the word out on Thursday and this has been overwhelming! We’re so appreciative.”

SIU Credit Union provides services to over 39,000 members and strives to help its communities whenever possible.

Food donations for local VA Food Pantry
Some of the items purchased and donated by SIU Credit Union staff members.

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