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Traveling this holiday season? Avoid the hassle with SIU CU!

Hitting the road for some turkey-centered meals? Here are a few ways to make your voyage easier.

Contact Card Services

If you are leaving the area, contact Card Services to let you know you will be. Due to lots of fraud, your card may be flagged as “at risk” if used outside of your usual location. You may do this by either sending a secure message through online banking or by calling 618-549-8633. Be sure to have your over the phone password ready! (This is so we can verify your identity.)

Don’t pay the fee

Need some cash while on your journey? We are members of the Co-op and Allpoint networks as a benefit to you! Co-Op and AllPoint have apps and websites that can locate the nearest fee-less ATM.  If you need to go into a branch and do a face-to-face transaction, you can use a Co-Op Shared Branch ATM, too! Just be sure to know your SIU CU member number and have a state ID for identification.

Allpoint ATM Network (International)
Download App
iPhone & iPad | Android | Windows

Co-Op Shared Branch & ATM Network
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iPhone | Android

If you see the Allpoint or Co-op logo, you are fee-free!

Fuel-up, but don’t be compromised

Card skimmers are EVERYWHERE, and many are on pay-at-the-pump card readers. To avoid getting your card number stolen, it is safer to pre-pay inside.

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