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SIU Credit Union’s Kim Babington attends National Youth Involvement Board Conference


Photo: Kim Babington, Vice President of Business Development

Carbondale, IL- August 4, 2015 Kim Babington, Vice President of Business Development at SIU Credit Union, recently attended the National Youth Involvement Board (NYIB) 2015 Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas as the Illinois delegate. NYIB is a one-stop-shop to learn about youth savings programs, discover financial education resources, showcase individual accomplishments, and collaborate with peers.

NYIB also recognized the top ten individuals who reached the highest number of students and the number of presentations given about financial education topics including money management and saving for the future. Babington ranked #8 on the national list, reaching 4,787 students with 43 presentations during the period of July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

Babington has been with SIU Credit Union since 2008 and serves as the company’s Vice President of Business Development. She graduated from Johnston City High School in 1979 and earned her CUNA Credit Union Business Development Professional (CUBDP) designation in 2014.

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