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Be Prepared at Work!

Spring brings beautiful flowers, the greenest of grass and the robins in their nests.


It also brings the dreaded tornado season that so many SIU Credit Union members have been touched by in previous years.  Although we have no control over Mother Nature, we can be prepared for the worst while at work.  It is not unthinkable that you could have to “stay where you are” for hours or even overnight.  The American Red Cross offers a list of personal workplace supplies to keep on hand at for a disaster.  This list is available at   Some of the things listed include the following:

  • flashlight
  • battery powered radio
  • enough non-perishable food for 1 day
  • water
  • extra medication
  • first aid supplies
  • space blanket
  • personal hygiene items
  • a change of clothes

Planning for disasters is a family project.   By keeping disaster supplies in our homes, vehicles and at work, we know our family members have the necessities on hand to get by in an emergency.  I don’t know about you but I take comfort in knowing my family is prepared to the best of our ability.

In the event of any type of disaster, be assured that SIU Credit Union has taken steps to create a plan that includes providing the best possible service to our members.  Learn more at

Tracy Frischkorn Ingersoll
VP of Human Resources

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