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Use our Free Features and Avoid the Fee

As you know, SIU Credit Union prides itself in keeping the fees that we do charge as low as possible.  Although, from time to time we do need to adjust some fees.  Beginning on February 23, 2015 some new fees will go into effect.  Never fear, here are some great tips to make the most of the free services that are offered at SIU CU and avoid any unnecessary fees.


E-Statements  How would you like to reduce the clutter in your mailbox, avoid mail theft and save yourself some cash? Save time and conveniently access your financial statements online, whenever you want, instantly. With free online E-Statements.  It’s just like receiving your monthly paper statements in the mail only better!

To enroll in E-statements simply login to online banking and click the “E-statement Enrollment” menu option and follow the prompts. Visit our website for more information along with a quick video on how to enroll and view your E-Statements. A $1.00 paper statement  fee* for checking accounts goes into effect on February 23, 2015.

Account Transfers  Did you know that we offer multiple ways for you to transfer funds between accounts for free? If you just need to move money from your savings to checking or any other account simply use one of these free options.

By making the transfer with one of these methods you’ll avoid the Overdraft and Telephone Transfer Fees. If you’re not sure how to access these features, just stop by any branch location or give us a call and we’d be happy to walk you through a transaction.

ATM Networks  Always use SIU Credit Union, CO-OP, or Allpoint ATMs, instead of ATMs owned by other financial institutions. These combined networks have over 80,000 ATMs worldwide. With a little planning, you can use a participating in-network ATM and avoid the fees charged for using other institutions’ ATMs. CO-OP and Allpoint even have smartphone mobile apps that can locate and give you directions to the nearest free ATM. Search for ATM locations from our website.

So what are you waiting for? Start taking advantage of these free services today!

Click here for the complete list of Fees and Charges.

*Jr. Executives Club and Emeritus checking accounts will be exempt from this fee.

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