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We spend a good amount of time out in the community teaching financial literacy. Whether it’s to families, college students or high school and grade school students, we understand the importance of teaching the basics of good financial habits. I’m always on the lookout for new ways to deliver the information. When Show Me The Future came across my desk this morning it caught my attention. 

If you have grade-school to college-age kids, you’ll definitely want to pass along this link to them. With this game, you’ll have a whole new identity including occupation, income, whether you’re married or single, whether or not you have kids, and more.   You have a checking account with a register, which will contain the money you earned as your new identity.  Then you get to make choices, like the kind of house you’ll live in and what you’re going to eat, based on your identity.  Every choice you make costs money, which will be deducted from the money in your checking account.  The trick to the game is to see if you can make ends meet and still have some cash at the end. 

About Show Me the Future

Mapping Your Future’s Show Me the Future is a financial literacy and life skills game, designed to help 12-20 year olds prepare for their futures.  The game helps players understand:
  • the cost of living;
  • budgeting, which is vital to financial freedom;
  • the difference between wants and needs;
  • the importance of financial planning;
  • the need to set career goals; and
  • the value of higher education.

Mapping Your Future welcomes the use of this game in the classroom and at home.  Users are encouraged to play over and over, as they will have different identities each time, helping them base their choices on those varying circumstances.

Click here to Take a look and enjoy.

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