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AOL’s WalletPop: CUs one of memberships ‘worth the money’

MADISON, Wis. (5/27/10 CUNA)–Credit unions are one of 10 memberships “worth the money” for consumers and, furthermore, could be the membership consumers “can’t afford not to join,” according to an article on AOL’s

Because many people carry debt on their credit cards, rates charged by credit union cards are desirable [because they are lower than many major card companies], financial guru Suze Orman wrote in an article about safeguarding finances, WalletPop said.

“What I want you to do is to go to and find a good credit union near you,” Orman wrote. “Anybody can join a credit union … [and] get a good credit union credit card.

“Do you know by law, federally chartered credit unions cannot charge you more than an 18% interest rate?” Orman added.

WalletPop also referred readers to the Credit Union National Association’s credit union locator tool on its website.

SIU Credit Union membership is open to anyone living or working in Franklin, Jackson, Jefferson, Johnson, Perry, Marion, Randolph, Saline, Massac, Union or Williamson counties in Illinois. A $5 membership deposit is required to become a member of SIU Credit Union.

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