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Don’t Make Us Pay — Important Legislative Info

Rep. John Conyers, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has introduced a bill on interchange that would shift this cost of doing business for merchants to the backs of American consumers.

Learn more about the chaotic vote in the Judiciary Committee on last year’s version of this legislation »

It’s simple: merchants do not want to pay their fair share to accept debit and credit cards, and they want consumers to foot the bill.

If this legislation passes, American families will end up footing retailers’ bills when it comes to accepting debit and credit cards.

Watch a video on how interchange legislation will raise costs for American families »

Merchants that accept credit and debit cards benefit from more sales, lower costs and greater profits. It is only fair that they pay a fee for this service.

At a time when American families everywhere are struggling to make ends meet, they shouldn’t be forced to pay more so giant retailers can profit at their expense.

Tell Congress that you don’t want to pay for retailers’ bills »

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  • gusgreen -

    we pay for it anyway, one way or another. some merchants even charge a higher fee if we pay using ccard.

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