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Financial Trouble
Financial Trouble?

Unemployed? Spend too much over the holidays?  Just having trouble making it this month? 

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, I would urge you to call your creditors.

It is so much easier to work with someone having financial problems if they call in when they first realize that it’s going to be tough to make their payments.  If you wait until the collector has sent out several notices, made numerous phone calls and you have ruined your credit, it may be too late to help you.  If you call or visit your collector early on in your financial low, he or she usually has more options available to help you overcome your financial problems.

 Here at SIU Credit Union, we want to help you.  We want you to call us and keep us informed of your financial situations and we want to work with you to overcome your problems.

Give us a call today at 618-457-3595 to discuss your financial situation.

 -Lisa Winthrop

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