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Get Back in the Game After a Job Loss

A major challenge when losing a job is to move ahead and find new work, while trying to process what happened.

These steps can help jumpstart your job search:

* Get the word out. In addition to getting moving as soon as possible, the most important thing to do is communicate. Let everyone know you’re looking for a job.
* Network. The more people who know you’re looking for work, the better, and don’t forget former co-workers. Experts agree that the best way to find a new job is through personal and professional contacts. Job seekers have a much easier time job hunting if they keep current a copy of their contact database and personal files.
* Establish a daily routine. The job hunt is your new job.
* Be flexible. Finding new work will be easier if you are. For example, consider alternatives to one traditional job, such as a couple of part-time jobs.
* Consider temp work, especially if you need work now. Some income is better than none at all, especially if you need it to keep you or your family financially stable. Don’t make the mistake of holding out for your dream job or for a job with a salary that’s unrealistic in the current economic environment. Besides bringing in some much-needed money, you can try to work on weeknights and weekends, leaving time for job hunting during the day. It also can be a good way to position yourself for a full-time job.
* Consider retraining or going back to school, especially if the hiring outlook in the field you came from is bleak. If you’re deficient in a basic skill, many state employment services offer computer classes, for example.

Remember that perseverance and fortitude may be tough to measure, but they’re indispensable if you’re going to be successful in finding new work, especially if nothing breaks right away. Don’t forget to take some time for yourself too. Find some balance, and keep your mind engaged by continuing to read publications related to your field of expertise as well as recreational sources.

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