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Identity Theft & Fraud Awareness



  • Identify Theft and Fraud Protection

    Don’t become identity theft’s next victim. There are simple precautions that will keep your identity safe. Simply having the right knowledge can be incredibly empowering. Please review the latest fraud alerts below. This information is provided as a courtesy to assist SIU Credit Union members in protecting themselves from identity fraud and other criminal activities. In addition to current trending scams, you’ll also find information on this page on setting up card alerts, as well as a list of helpful resources around the web.



    Current Fraud Alerts

    Phishing: Don’t take the Bait

    If you get an e-mail that looks like it’s from SIU Credit Union or from another financial institution and it asks for any type of personal financial information, don’t take the bait. It’s not legitimate. It’s phishing, and it’s fraud. Report it, then delete it.

    SIU Credit Union will never solicit personal information over the Internet or phone. Contact SIU Credit Union immediately if you have any questions or to report fraud. (800) 449-7301


    Other Resources


    Verified by VISA

    Your SIU Credit Union Visa Credit and Visa Debit cards are now equipped with Verified by Visa, a free online shopping protection feature. Simply create your password to protect your card from unauthorized online use.

    Sign up for Verified by VISA


    VISA Purchase Alerts

    You can further protect your SIU Credit or Debit Card through VISA purchase alerts. Choose specific categories to be alerted on, such as a purchase in a different location, or above a certain amount. Enrolling is quick and easy.

    Enroll in Purchase Alerts


    Fraud Awareness Websites

    Keeping your money safe can involve a lot of learning, thats why we are here to help you feel comfortable and confident as you manage your financial resources.  Educate yourself with this list of Fraud Awareness websites.

    Learn More