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  • An annuity helps you achieve guaranteed income for the rest of your life
  • ​​Your annuity is treated as one part of a comprehensive retirement portfolio
  • We offer professional investment services for a variety of needs

​What is an annuity?

​An annuity is a special contract between you and an insurance company. You pay a certain premium, and they pay you an annual guaranteed sum, each year for the rest of your life. If you are nearing retirement, an annuity can be a great way to have peace of mind throughout your days. Since there are many different types of annuities, it’s best to have the right financial advisor by your side to help you pick one. We work alongside John Alongi II with Alliance Wealth Management, a financial expert with years of experience. This means we cover not only annuities, but many other investment products, including standard stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and charitable contributions. John is happy to sit down with you face to face to discuss your financial situation and long term goals, giving you security for years to come.

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